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      All of our jewelry is handmade at our factory in Mae Sot, Thailand by young women from Myanmar, most of whom have grown up in refugee camps. We provide our employees with steady work in a clean and safe work environment.  

      young ladies from Myanmar making jewelry for Elly Bashara at her factory young women from Myanmar making jewelry for Elly Bashara
      young woman from Myanmar making jewelry at factory in Thailand 
      Shine Lin Oo is the jewelry division supervisor.  He grew up in a refugee camp after his family was forced to flee their village in Myanmar.  He learned to speak English from an NGO at the camp and is now living in Mae Sot with his mother and sister.  Shine Lin Oo recently got his driver's license. 
      blah, blah, be honest I’m not that interesting, but I appreciate your wanting to learn more about us. 

       I grew up in tiny town in N. Wisconsin with a lake in my front yard.  I love to swim, fish, pick berries, and play in snow.  My mom taught me sewing, embroidery, crocheting, and an abundance of other skills when I was young.  She was an old school domestic goddess, I am blessed to have had her as my mother.  

       I started making jewelry for fun and friends in college.   After graduating with a History degree, I  opened my own business, a boutique in downtown Bozeman.  In 2001 I took my first trip to Thailand.  I began importing materials to make jewelry and sell in my store.  
      In 2014, after a hard fought battle with cancer I closed my boutique with the intention of focusing on making jewelry.  Two years later I partnered with long time friends that own a fly tying factory in Mae Sot, Thailand.  It is at their facility and under their supervision that the jewelry makers work. This unique collaboration allows for quality products at amazing prices.